One ingredient Infinite meat substance possibilities
One ingredient Infinite meat substance possibilities
One ingredient Infinite meat substance possibilities
One ingredient Infinite meat substance possibilities
One ingredient Infinite meat substance possibilities

The Potential

The alternative protein market is phenomenal, showing a CAGR of 15% and estimated revenue of 300 billion dollars worldwide. As of 2016, the soybean-based protein market is the most potent source material in the plant-based protein market, resulting in an increased interest rate that results in much better revenue than other plant-based proteins.

Our Mission

Planteam strives to be one of the major leaders in the plant based food-growing sector.

Plant-Based Protein’s growing demand geared primarily by Flexitarians / Reducterians relies on many aspects such as morality, health, environmentalism, overpopulation, world hunger, survival, and food security.  

At PlanTeam, we believe in preparing in advance for various scenarios. By following this principle, we have created a supreme solution: A high-quality, fibrous plant-based protein that has no fillers, binders, or mediators, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and applications that can be mass-manufactured for the food industrie, Food Service, Hospitals, Retailers, National Food Security Bank, offering Fast Time to Market Solution for a wide range of menu options of a tasty, healthy and balanced diet worldwide, without compromising on a fine dining experience. Our achievements help easy and fast Shifting from Animal Protein to Plant-Based Protein with the quickest and most efficient impact on global warming and significantly reduce the livestock farming’s carbon footsteps and help our Planet become greener & a healthier place for future generations.

Our Uniqueness

Clean: Made using one ingredient Plant Protein without fillers, binders. mediators, gluten, additives, preservatives, or GMO

Top-Notch: A high-quality product with 99% of the essential amino acids (Compared to white egg protein) and high in dietary fibers, without compromising taste, texture, mouthfeel, look and wellness.

Production Visibility: Created by experts with 25 years of hands-on experience in food technology, developed using industrial line and ready to mass production once the line is assembled and operational.

Product ID

Product Versatility

Thanks to our advanced methods and technologies, we have managed to create fibrous chunks that can easily be distributed using ambient shipping and storing for almost every existing chicken, beef, or pork recipe with ease, worldwide.

Our product is offered in various shapes, sizes, and textures that can fit into multiple product lines such as food manufacturers, food service, fast food chains, restaurants, home cooking, pastry fillings, street food, and more.

Product Applications

Buy perfectioning the process the products can be used in the following applications, having in mind that they are already consisting of specific texture, size and shape:

Our team

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in managing , operating production process and technologies in the plant-based field.
We have acquired a vast experience in, marketing, sales research and development of products and processes in this growing segment.
Our team includes highly educated experienced executives each in their field of expert to provide a comprehensive & holistic support to the company

Our future plans include developing:

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